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[UN] Server , [UN] Mau Mau

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PostPosted: Sun 0:35, 24 Oct 2010    Post subject: [UN] Server , [UN] Mau Mau

guys , as most of u know that me , leon , stiwi , got a sudden permenant ban in UN server from mau mau , any way i sent email to 1shot1kill the main admin to the UN server and he replied to me and i sent him again ,
here is my 2 emails i sent and the reply of 1shot1kill to me

BLUE font , i write and send
RED font , 1shot1kill replies to me

Hello 1shot1kill ,

In behalf of WTF players I would like to send u this message about behavior of one of UN admins against WTF players , 2 days ago me , leon , stiwimaister , were playing in UN server like we used to do everyday , later UN Mau Mau joined server , I was assault , he was defense , we all were playing fine then leon killed him like any other player , later , he kicked leon from server , later in new round stiwi killed him he kicked him from server , then later I defended on my team after kicking stiwi , I told him I will have the honor to kill u admin , then kicked me and ban 3 of us from server ( SN Feroz was there as a witness) , when I tried to joined the server he gave us a permanent ban !!!! like we are hackers , till this moment we can't believe his behavior againt the WTF players , and I have also read the topic he post in the forum , he don't want to waste his time to kick the hackers and cheater and trace them like good admins and instead of that he kicks players from a friendly clan, if we are Israelis hackers he won't dare to do that , but he kick and ban other clean players and for what for killing him like we kill other players , I send u this message incase I don't know u well but I still hope u judge his behavior in fair as u are the main admin of UN server , 1 hour before mau mau join server and start to kick us , UN Ambuu , was in our ts having fun and laugh with us and enjoy playing with us and he know how WTF players are respect and funny cool players and so friendly , so 1shot I hope u make investigation about his bad sudden act against us from mau mau , if u want to talk with us in TS u are welcome any time and I give u ip and pass and u will talk with WTF players by ur self and knowing us closely.and later i may say about other UN admin beside mau mau who used to be racist with us , any way , ty for reading my email and i hope u remove our bans that has been made for no reason and the unfairness that has been shown from mau mau againest us.

Best Regards on behalf of WTF players

that is 1shot1kill reply to my email with other email


Here is a few post out of a topic about your clan on our forums.
Granted I'm not on as much. But you guys have gotten the attention of a few members. I was the one that made the call to ban them for a week.

"so we start playing shotty rounds and they start gettin pwned bad. So they would camp west ladder - top. And just shoot if someone goes up... thats it. They would just hide there the whole round. So, all of the rounds were no score... I got pissed and lit those motherfuckers up. I gave my self 203 and boom... campers down. So, they start calling us a n00b clan... No shit? n00b is a part of our clan name... dumb fucks. They also called me stupid and called UN stupid... blah blah blah. I was gonna kick em but they ran away. They kept bitching to start playing regular round and I told em its not their server and if they dont like it they can leave... I guess they tried to ruin our fun but I pissed em off. Mission accoplished."

"yea there were a bunch of UN's on and we stand behind MauMau's story"

"well its really lame when they talk shit about us on our own server. push em juss a lil bit n they start disrespecting the admins. thats unnecessary."

my 2 email to him today ,

hey again 1shot

i had no clue about any bad behaviur fron WTF players , all i know that WTF players like UN server but for several reason many players 1shot dislike UN server for the lag , not kicking hackers from server , some admins insult other players for no reason like mau mau , and other is racist against me cuz i am muslem like UN Grave, he calls me by my relegion, i take that as offend ,

1shot , may be u don,t know me closly but i have been in FLS server for 2 years which was american server and i got admin on american server and i used to track hackers but not kick clean friendly other clans, i still have rare screenshots taken a year and half ago in UN server when my name got hacked by american hacker that shows that UN server don,t have enough anticheat program to kick real hackers , incase WTF server in not on but i am admin on other servers which are on , the admin of this server know how i am respect player and also my clan, any way 1 shot for me i done nothing i only said to mau mau i will kill u with honor when he said i can,t be killed , i never see an admin player don,t want to be killed with honor in server , my account is clean , never banned before , but i was and still admin in other server , i hope from u to remove the ban from leon , stiwi and me as we are not hackers , i sent u this mail cuz u said send email if we we under admin abuse , any time u want to join our ts u are much welcome and ask UN Ambuu about about behviour with him in ts a week ago before ban and how much we welcome him , and i appologize on any bad behaiour on behalf my clan ,


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Joined: 31 May 2010
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PostPosted: Sun 0:52, 24 Oct 2010    Post subject:

here is t1shot1kill reply to me

I told them that you apologized, and will go from there. More than one person says that you guys were being disrespectful.

As far as MauMau, he been with us since day 1. I know him very well for the most part. He is not the kind of person to start random crap. However, once you step on his toes a couple of times. That's when he gets mad. This is what your member did. It was not about killing him, it was about them being disrespectful at a different time. And at this point he had enough of it.

As I said earlier , I told them that you apologized , and we will go from there. In worse case scenario, there still mad. The ban will expire in three days.

here is my 3 reply to 1shot1kill

hey again ,

ty for ur efforts 1shot but i was not appologize for my self cuz i did nothing at all i was like a victem , but me the one who need to be saying to sorry to like from UN Grave when he got admin power and i know he is soulja's brothers , and i know soulja 2 y ago from FLS , and he know heba very well , but grave is being racist with me , when he calls me u musilem in the server , he offend me for nothing , as i said before i was admin on american server one day , i had many american friends may be more that grave, he got irregant since he joined UN server , i told soulja i will ban ur brother for a while if he being racist and disrespect me as i am arabian and egpytian in other server i had admin power , and i warned him, i only talk with UN kodiak as a good friend to me , other wise i need u 1shot to watch the players u give admin , u don,t want other clans or players to start hate UN for disrespecting them like what happened to me personally , thanks for ur time , and for last thing my second clan WTF after FLS is a respect clan full of good and desent players and they are so funny more than u imagin Smile
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